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New Song from Kid Astray produced by Tord of The Wombats.

Murph’s new Norwegian girlfriend.

Murph’s new Norwegian girlfriend.



The Wombats @ Southbound 2014



i want the wombats to tell me what’s the bar in tokyo…

It’s called Edge End and it’s in Toyko. ( | 2F Nono Bldg. 1-17-12, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku)

This is just neat! 

This is just neat! 


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As some of you know, I am working hard to become a tour manager. I have managed some tours and will be managing future tours coming up this year. I have made many opportunities for myself this past year and attending school was one of them. 

I have decided I need a leg up in this business and I need your help to get me there.

South by Southwest (SXSW) Music and Media Conference is the world’s leading music industry event and offers attendees the opportunity to explore the future of the music industry during the day at panels, talks, the Trade Show, Music Gear Expo and other conference activities at the Austin Convention Center and at night with over 2,200 music acts from across the globe.

I need to be there. Not only are some of the greatest up-and-coming bands ever going to be playing there at night, but some of the industries finest Record Labels, Tour Managers, Booking Agents and more will be there, at my disposal.

I’m not going to be there to party, I will be there to work it. I want to get my business card into the hands of every Record Label manager and baby band out there so that I can work in the industry. 

My budget is very flexible. All hotels are about a million $ a night in Austin during that time so I am going to hit up airbnb or maybe even couchsurfing. Depending on what’s available. I have $2,812 budgeted for this but if I can get a good paying job before then, I can throw in a bunch of money, and if not, I think I can do it for $2,500. 

You can bet that I am going to run around with a video camera and vlog the whole thing for you guys!

I have 1035 friends on Facebook and 500 followers on Twitter if every one of my facebook friends gives me $3, I will be able to travel to SxSW in style. Assuming half of them won’t even look at this, I am just asking for your $3. If you have more to share, please do! If you don’t have more, that’s fine! 

If you have no money for me, please share this with your friends and boost it up a bit. Help me out in any way you can.

If you have paypal, you can donate and gofundme will not charge you or I any money for this! I can still add the donation to the total and it gets more money into my actual hands, instead of giving 8% to this website. DIRECT PAYPAL DONATIONS GO TO

Please e-mail me at the above e-mail if you have any questions.

AND - If I reach my goal of $2500 - I will be walking 30km around Vancouver and vlogging the pain and fun!

Austin is really close to her goal. Not only that, but I want to see her walk for 7 or 8 hours straight. haha. If you’re able to, it’d be great if you helped her out monetarily or reblogged this in order to help her reach it.. She has some cool perks, including getting bands from SXSW to say hello to you via video. Which’ll, not include The Wombats sadly, but will probably include our friends over in Team Me. Help a girl out, she’s got BIG expenses associated with this and she wants to make her dreams a reality. 


cuties x


cuties x

Murphin’ around.

Murphin’ around.